The beneficiaries are made up of more than 2’600 disadvantaged South African children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 20 years. This young population is confronted daily with the poverty and violence of the townships. Some, without the means to attend school,spend their time on the streets, whilst others have to work to support their families. These are the beneficiaries of the projects put in place by IMBEWU and its local partners.

IMBEWU provides educational and life-skill support to these children and young adults. From the heart of the townships of Port Elisabeth and Pretoria, the association gives them the tools they need to become responsible citizens With the psychosocial development of children as its transversal theme, IMBEWU has developed three lines of action :

• Education and awareness, which in turn reduce school drop-out rates
• Sport, which reduces risk behaviours and provides a tool for prevention in health and social issues
• Cultural exchanges, which encourage the transfer of skills and a climate of openness towards others


The BOPHELO KE KGWELE project offers the children and young adults of the township of Mamelodi-East in Pretoria a safe place in which to play and learn through after-school sports activities organised by the Altus Sport organisation.


In the suburbs of Port Elizabeth, the SIYAKHULA! project provides the children and young adults with a safe area to play, learn and develop through after-school sports activities. Supervised by teachers and specialized coaches, the program activities take place on the playgrounds of the two partner primary schools: Isaac Booi Primary School in the township of Zwide and Astra Primary School in Bloemendaal’s coloured community.