IMBEWU’s mission is to create long-term change in an environment where social and economic inequalities cause difficult living conditions for the youth and lead to a climate of intolerance. IMBEWU tries to develop a structure where every child and young person receives access to a quality education and has the opportunity to develop his/her capacities fully in a spirit of civic responsability, solidarity and openness towards others. By focusing on initiatives which build on differences, we try to combat intolerance and ostracism.

IMBEWU-Suisse supports the education and life-skills development of the disadvantaged youth in South Africa. At the heart of the townships, we give them the tools necessary to become responsible citizens. Through its work with the young people, in the North and South, IMBEWU contributes to change towards greater equality, tolerance and social cohesion. With the psychosocial development of children as its transversal theme, IMBEWU has developed three main lines of action:

• Education and awareness, with the aim of reducing school dropout rates and providing personalised monitoring throughout their education.
• Sport, which provides physical activity, and facilitates the reduction of risk behaviours and prevention concerning health and social issues.
• Cultural exchange enabling the transfer of social skills in a spirit of openness.